Here are a few things you may have missed over the last few weeks! Podcasts From Engaged Family Gaming: The EFG Daily Commute Announcing Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition! A Follow-up on My Thoughts on User-Reviews! The #MomoChallenge is (Mostly) a Hoax But We Can Learn From It Anyway! New Dungeons and Dragons Books for Kids! Microsoft Releasing an Xbox without a Disc Drive? Nintendo LABO VR Kit From Nicole Tanner: Geeky Thrones Girl New Sizzle Reel Footage Episode 35: Oathkeeper Episode 36: First of His Name Episode 37: The Laws of Gods and Men Episode 38: Mockingbird Season 8 Final Trailer Reactions Episode 39: The Mountain and the Viper Episode 40: TheRead More →

Here are a few things you may have missed over the last few weeks! Podcasts From Regina McMenomy: Game on Girl on the Go Episode 5 – Do the Gamer Types Get Along? From Engaged Family Gaming: The EFG Daily Commute The Games I Need To Play This Year!  Balancing Relationships, Children, Work, and Content Creation.  My thoughts on the #Nintendo Direct!  Even MORE thoughts on the Nintendo Direct!  Top Two of Toy Fair  Tetris 99 Might Be My Game of the Year  If I ran Square Enix…  From Nicole Tanner: Geeky Thrones Girl Episode 32: Two Swords  Episode 33: The Lion and the Rose  Episode 34: Breaker of ChainsRead More →

Here are a few things you may have missed over the last few weeks! Podcasts From Regina McMenomy: Game on Girl on the Go Episode 4 – Mastery Gamer Type Episode 5 – Do the Gamer Types Get Along? From Engaged Family Gaming: The EFG Daily Commute My Early Thoughts about Magic: The Gathering Arena Advice for Content Creators: Stop Thinking. Early #KingdomHearts3 Impressions! Snow Day Stories and My Thoughts on Our Digital Future. Anthem and Apex Legendary: Two very different T-rated shooters Xbox Live is coming to the Nintendo Switch (iOS and Android, too!) We need to teach our children to listen. A Special Episode:Read More →


I said in my last article that Magic: the Gathering has become a sort of self-care tool for me. Unfortunately, as I also mentioned, I rarely get to play because I’m always busy. So imagine my reaction when I found out that, not only did I have a day off both jobs, but there was a Ravnica Allegiance prerelease event happening near me. One phone call and debit card later, I had registered and chosen my guild. I walk into the store and within a few minutes, the event is starting. Rules get explained, kits distributed, pairings posted. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly: peopleRead More →

There are so many advice columns out there on self care. I’m sure you’ve seen them. But you’ve probably noticed that most of them are directed to people who are… not you. They never seem to focus on the nerds and geeks out there who’d rather swing a sword around than move the D&D table to make room for a yoga mat. Or who don’t want to “sit and relax” because 80% of your day is already sitting in front of lines of code. Chances are, some of those self-care tips make you feel more alienated than supported — because gods know you don’t look likeRead More →

Here are a few things you may have missed over the last few weeks! Podcasts From Regina McMenomy: Game on Girl on the Go Episode 3 – Role Player Gamer Type From Engaged Family Gaming: The EFG Daily Commute Episode 34: The EFG Video Games of the Year 2018!  Our most anticipated video games of 2019!  My Second Switch Experience The New Childhood – Early Impressions of be new book my Dr. Jordan Shapiro Where are all the #Nintendo Sports games?  I Turned My Life Into a Game (And Learned some Things)  EA and Their Troubled History with Star Wars  From Nicole Tanner: Geeky Thrones Girl EpisodeRead More →

Hey, Geeks. Welcome to Your Favorite Thing Sucks, where I get to talk about all the worst parts of your favorite things. The Nightmare Before Christmas has steadily moved its way out of Halloween/Christmas “cult classic” status and into an annual Halloween/Christmas tradition for millions of people. But when you really look at the film you have to wonder why people have obsessed over this so long. Is it the highly-marketable characters and art style? It must be. Romantic Goths need something to decorate their room with, after all. But honestly, that’s not enough. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Let’s talk about why TheRead More →

gifts in the background with title of shopping for that one nerdy friend

It’s that time of year where many people find themselves shopping outside their comfort zones in order to get the perfect (or at least acceptable) gift for that one nerdy friend. Whether it’s a coworker you got assigned for Secret Santa, a grandchild who won’t stop talking about… something (you’re not sure what), or one of your best friends that’s just really into a different fandom, nerds are everywhere. And now you have to figure out exactly what they want. Don’t worry. It’s not as scary as it seems. Let’s talk about the different types of fandoms, and the DOs and DON’Ts of each. Fandom: TV SHOWS/MOVIES You know what?Read More →