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Episode 64 – The Married Gamers

Have we got a treat for everyone this week! We chat with Chris and Kelly Brown, hosts of The Married Gamers podcast. Topics range from gamers and gamification, relationships, good communication skills, and free beer. If you don't already subscribe to their show, you really should. On the eve of their 300th episode we can assure you they are a fun… Continue reading Episode 64 – The Married Gamers

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Episode 33 – Chris Ritter: Gamifying Tech Com

This week we return to one of our favorite themes: gamification. We talk to Britain Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Tech, Chris Ritter. He shares his approach to teaching technical communications using a service learning project geared toward his local community. Listen for some great insights on how gaming and learning interact, along with details of another game… Continue reading Episode 33 – Chris Ritter: Gamifying Tech Com