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Mastering the Art of Staying Home!

These are some pretty scary times right now with the threat of the COVID-19 virus going around. Unfortunately, we are all at risk, and it affects us all. I know for me, I can get pretty overwhelmed with all the social media and news surrounding the virus. Sometimes, we need to turn our devices off,… Continue reading Mastering the Art of Staying Home!

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Get Your Exercise Game On!

What if we could exercise and make it fun instead of the old dreaded routine of going to the gym every single day after work, or finding the strength to get up in the morning for that early jog? Those are all great ways to work out if that works for you. But what about… Continue reading Get Your Exercise Game On!


Top 5 Healthy Geek Recipes

Everyone knows that even our favorite superheroes and characters need to eat to stay healthy and fit! That’s why I made a list of the top 5 healthy geek recipes to embody some of our favorites while at the same time being health-conscious of the food choices we make. Eating like a superhero doesn’t mean… Continue reading Top 5 Healthy Geek Recipes