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Game On, Girls

Hey, geeks. What’s happening? Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite pastimes and how that’s changed — and how people’s perception of me has changed even when the pastime itself did not. Let’s talk video games. I’ve been playing video games since I was old enough to hold a controller. I distinctly… Continue reading Game On, Girls

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Why I Roleplay Women

Character Creation Let's get this out of the way first because I need to display my biases and privileges before you read this piece.  I am a straight, cis-gendered, Latino male.  At age 32, I am on the older edge of the Millenial generation.  Gaming is a lifelong hobby of mine, primarily of the pen-and-paper… Continue reading Why I Roleplay Women

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Episode 137 – “Chicks Dig Gaming”

This week we review an excellent anthology focused on women gamers. "Chicks Dig Gaming" from Mad Norwegian press is a great collection of stories and articles we are sure you would love. We share some quotes from our favorite stories in the collection. We WRaP up the episode with what we are Watching, Reading, and… Continue reading Episode 137 – “Chicks Dig Gaming”

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria
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The Unfamiliar Familiar: The Joy of Auto Level 90 in WoW

When I started the research for my dissertation, one of the concepts in gaming identity I wanted to explore revolved around women selecting healing classes in digital RPG games. It was suspected that gender stereotypes mapped over into game spaces; that women wanted to be "caretakers" and that was the reason so many of them… Continue reading The Unfamiliar Familiar: The Joy of Auto Level 90 in WoW

Nicole Hazen art
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Episode 104: Gamer Nicole Hazen

Regina is taking some much needed time off so Ryan and I enjoy talking to Nicole Hazen, gamer, artist, and comic book fan. This is one of those conversations that lights on a new topic at every turn and we just didn't have enough time to cover it all. Ryan and I WRaP about our… Continue reading Episode 104: Gamer Nicole Hazen

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I play sometimes, but. . .

I’m not a gamer. Recently I was re-listening to Game on Girl’s great interview with author Genese Davis (episode 62) and was struck by their conversation about the term “gamer.”  They were discussing how culture often perceives “gamers” as anti-social misfits living in their parents’ basement and playing non-stop.  This is a fairly common discussion… Continue reading I play sometimes, but. . .

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PAX Prime and Dragon*Con 2013!

Hello Everyone! Con time is upon us! This weekend, Rhonda and I are covering cons on both U.S. coasts. Rhonda will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA and I'll be at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA. It's pretty exciting times for us both and I wanted to make sure to get you all the details… Continue reading PAX Prime and Dragon*Con 2013!

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Episode 68 – Man Date Monday Invades!

  This week we have the honor of having the hosts of Man Date Mondays join us on the show. YouTubers Aaron and Rusty invited us to be on their show a few months ago and we promised to have them on the show to give them the Game on Girl treatment. Listen for a great conversation about building community and friendships through… Continue reading Episode 68 – Man Date Monday Invades!

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Episode 64 – The Married Gamers

Have we got a treat for everyone this week! We chat with Chris and Kelly Brown, hosts of The Married Gamers podcast. Topics range from gamers and gamification, relationships, good communication skills, and free beer. If you don't already subscribe to their show, you really should. On the eve of their 300th episode we can assure you they are a fun… Continue reading Episode 64 – The Married Gamers

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Episode 62 – Genese Davis

Bridging the gap between gamers and non-gamers: this is a topic that we've addressed many times on the show. This week we talk to author, host, and video game columnist, Genese Davis. Genese has written a novel, The Holder's Dominion, aimed at describing game culture and the desire to game to non-gamers. Listen to hear Genese's story about… Continue reading Episode 62 – Genese Davis