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“What’s Your Gamer Type?” at Jet City Comic Show

Greetings, Geeks! Wanna figure out your gamer type? Live near Seattle or Tacoma, WA? Well then, you are in luck!

On Saturday, October 26, Regina, Isabela, and Nicole will be at Jet City Comic Show presenting a panel and discussing gamer types. This presentation is based on my (Regina’s) dissertation research and over one hundred interviews with gamers over the last eight years.

We will define the gamer types and then share our own experiences. There will be lots of room for interaction and questions. Jet City is a great con. We attended a few years ago and presented, “Capes & Baskets: What fairy tales can teach us about superheroes” and had a really, fun engaged audience.

So if you’re headed to the con already or in the area, come to the panel and make sure to say hello!

11–11:45am, Room 407: What’s Your Gamer Type? — Panelists: Regina McMenomy, Isabela Oliveira, and Nicole Tanner

Are you a goal-driven gamer that collects trophies or achievement points? Do you make up backstories for your game characters or think about how and why they do what they do? Do you create a version of yourself when you game with avatars that look or act like you do out of game? Are you more likely to play in a solo or social setting? Come to this interactive panel hosted by Dr. Regina McMenomy as she interviews a panel of gamers and learn more about yourself through your gamer type.