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In the first episode of season two of Game on Girl, Isabela and I discussed the gamer types that I used in my dissertation research. The gamer types were a significant part of the research I did and shaped the foundation of the podcast. In bringing back the show, it is important to clearly define them for our new discussions. As I revisited the gamer types in preparation for relaunching the show, I realized I wanted to add a new category to the types. Social gamers, I thought, were primarily interested in gaming for the social interactions, for the personal connections games can bring toRead More →

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Last night, I watched “Frozen Dick,” season one episode 12 of 3rd Rock from the Sun. I’ve never seen the show in its entirety and so I started from the beginning last week when I discovered it was on Hulu Plus. In this episode, Dick is traveling with Sally to Chicago when he discovers she likes to sing show tunes to pass the time on road trips. He’s trying to figure out how to woo her and so he bursts into song in the middle of a diner in order to cheer her up. The other guests join in a rousing rendition of the titleRead More →

This week, we have the pleasure of chatting with Kelsey from Nerdy but Flirty and Stream Friends! We talk about favorite games, streaming, editing a site, and keeping up with gaming news. Make sure to check Kelsey out on Twitter and watch her streams! We also started a new segment – Vacation Book Recommendations! We have ideas for your vacation at the beach, the mountains, or internationally! SUMMER BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS BEACH Regina: Goddess of Love (Goddess Summoning Series) by PC Cast Rhonda: Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple MOUNTAINS Regina: Song of Fire and Ice by George R. R. Martin Rhonda: The Troop by Nick Cutter INTERNATIONAL Regina: Child of My Heart by Alice McDermott Rhonda: Michelangelo andRead More →

Hello Everyone! Con time is upon us! This weekend, Rhonda and I are covering cons on both U.S. coasts. Rhonda will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA and I’ll be at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA. It’s pretty exciting times for us both and I wanted to make sure to get you all the details of our presentations so you can come say hi! Rhonda’s Dragon*Con Schedule Title: What’s Your Gamer Type? Description: Are you a goal driven gamer that collects achievements? Make up back stories for your game characters? A panel with audience participation! Time: Fri 11:30 am Location: Grand Salon C Title: GamerRead More →

Do you love games? What about indie games? What about paying what you want for fantastic indie games? Well we’ve got the site for you! This week, we chat with Matt Cangialosi and Mike Gnade with Indie Game Stand. Every four days the Indie Game Stand offers a new game and you pay what you want for four days. Listen to the episode to hear more about their community and the dynamic indie game market. We’d love to hear your feedback about the show. Leave your comments here, follow us on Twitter, or “Like” us on Facebook. Keep an eye out for some free codes from Indie GameRead More →

  It occurred to me while speaking with Regina last week that I’ve never discussed what type of gamer I am by her codification on this site. Regina and Rhonda have their views on what type of gamer I am, and you can find those on episode 5 of the Game On Girl podcast. I would like to take a stab at it now.  I’ll skip to the end right here. I believe I am all three in pretty equal measure. Here’s why:  As a Self Player I tend to create avatars that have long hair and some form of facial hair like I do.Read More →

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Welcome to Episode 7 of Game on Girl! This week we talk to the most elusive of the player types: the Role Player.   Sharon is one of the original participants in my research study and I was delighted that we got a chance to talk again. She shares many insights into the culture of Role Playing in MMORPGs, both in current games like Star Wars: The Old Republic and older games like Necron, Horizons, and Star Wars: Galaxies. Take a listen and let us know what you think! Are you going to try some role playing now?  I am already thinking up back-story ideas forRead More →

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Hello Everyone! Here it is – the long awaited Cyber Drag episode! We would love to hear what you think about the latest episode!  Please follow me @doclizz and Rhonda @rhorhoom on Twitter and chat us up!  Tell us about your choices when you make your avatar, what you think about or don’t think about, and what matters most. I made a page with the detailed gamer type descriptions. And like us on Facebook! iTunes and the RSS Feed Game on! Regina & Rhonda Regina McMenomyRegina is a gamer, writer, teacher, and podcaster living in the Pacific Northwest. She completed her Ph.D. in 2011 fromRead More →