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Content Over a Year

As signs of spring start showing everywhere, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was still settling into my then-new apartment. It’s weird to think back over the last year; finding what’s changed, what’s not. I’d like to think I’ve grown up a little since then, but perhaps not by much.

Personal ramblings aside, I want to showcase a few Youtube creators that have gained a huge audience over the course of just one year. Some have been around for a year or two — one is just now celebrating a year! Here are the bright new creators I watched in the past year.

Spice 8 Rack

After joining Youtube in December 2018 by explaining the entire MTG storyline in about 11 minutes, Spice 8 Rack gained massive popularity in 2019. His presentation of MTG flavor and story is both academic and hilarious, jokes and banter mixed with deep analysis. Follow that up with video quality rivaling more established creators and you have something special.

One notable factor of S8R’s videos is their length, averaging around the 20-minute mark, with a few shorter and most upwards of a half-hour. While it’s a bit of a time commitment, I encourage you to watch the longer videos; he’s filled that time well.

This one’s my favorite, but it’s also over an hour and discusses heavy topics, so viewer discretion advised.

Zee Bashew

Combining stellar animation with magical education, Zee Bashew breaks down spells and strategy for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. He’s a fantastic storyteller as well, sharing personal game tales and play experiences. A rad wizard with his own animated spellbook, Zee is a fantastic resource for new and forgetful players when it comes to spellcasting.

Recently, Zee has set a number of his videos to private after receiving pressure from Youtube about his animations not being child-friendly. His full explanation is right here, but I can’t blame the guy. The videos he does have public are a joy to watch, and I can’t recommend him enough.

He also collaborates with other creators like JoCat. Speaking of…


An animator who first gained notoriety with his “Crap Guide to Monster Hunter” series, JoCat carried the success over to DnD in December 2018. His follow-up series breaks down the stats and styles of each class in D&D 5e. Sarcastic, silly, and self-aware, JoCat’s profane ravings are actually pretty helpful.

His foray into the Forgotten Realms led to collaborations with other creators. The aforementioned Zee Bashew, PuffinForest, and Dingo Doodles have all made appearances in his videos and vice versa. 2019 was a huge year for JoCat, in no small part thanks to this ridiculous series. Congrats, Jo.

Davvy Chappy

Rounding out the DnD creators, Davvy Chappy is a little bit of everything. Video updates on Unearthed Arcana, guides and tips on each class, critiques of released prewritten campaigns, and even a little music!

Davvy is a well-versed Dungeon Master and player who occasionally ventures into the realm of live-action. He’s a great performer and professor rolled into one and wearing a fancy doublet.

Parting Thoughts

Sometimes things get a little hectic, especially lately, and it’s nice to curl up with a Youtube playlist for a while. These folks produce enjoyable content I highly recommend for when that happens. I know it’s mostly DnD, but I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately.

Like these and more creators show, a year is enough time for amazing things. Who knows what the rest of the year will bring? We’ll have to wait and see.