Stories for the Spooky Season

At last, October is upon us! With it comes pumpkin-flavored everything, changing leaves, and scary stories. In lieu of decorations this year (and if you're using lights, be careful with your outlets — fire safety is important), I wanted to celebrate the haunting season by showcasing a few places to scratch that spooky itch. Tales… Continue reading Stories for the Spooky Season

Chilling Tales Podcast
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The Best Way to Lose Sleep: Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

It’s a little past midnight in the middle of winter. I’m working third shift at a local store, bored out of my skull. By then I’ve listened to every podcast I normally would, heard a few audiobooks at least 3 times each, and I’m realizing that a motivation playlist probably needs more than a dozen… Continue reading The Best Way to Lose Sleep: Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

prime time

Prime Time

Between commuting 30+ minutes to/from work, travel-intensive hobbies, and family that lives on the East Coast, I spend an inordinate amount of time in planes, trains, and automobiles.  Music is great and all, but I almost exclusively listen to audiobooks and podcasts, even when I am not traveling.  However, just because I spend a lot… Continue reading Prime Time

comedy podcast roundup
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Comedy for When the World is Dark and Full of Terrors

Podcast and media suggestions if you need to laugh and forget the real world for a little while. Put Your Hands Together, Hosted by Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher “Put Your Hands Together delivers 75 minutes of jokes and backstage chats with LA's best and brightest comics directly to your earbuds.” Cameron and Rhea are… Continue reading Comedy for When the World is Dark and Full of Terrors

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Update – Mothering: The Game

Greetings, Everyone, It's time for a campaign update! So much has happened with my Inkshares book campaign for Mothering: The Game and the Nerdist contest. We are rapidly reaching the end of the contest run on July 15th at Noon Pacific Time. If you've been waiting to place your pre-order, now is the time! The contest… Continue reading Update – Mothering: The Game

sandra glahn guest post
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Ambassadors Wanted – Apply Now!

Ambassadors Call To Arms! Are you a highly motivated, engaged geek? Are you looking for a creative outlet for your writing? Have you always wanted to create video or audio content for the web? The Geek Embassy is recruiting Ambassadors. We are looking for writers and content producers for the website who are dedicated to… Continue reading Ambassadors Wanted – Apply Now!