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The Geek Embassy at GeekGirlCon 2019

GeekGirlCon has always been one of my favorite conventions. This year, it’s moved to a month later to mid-November but a lot of the regular programming is staying the same. As usual, members of The Geek Embassy are on a slew of panels this year too. Take a look through the list below and say hi if you happen to attend! 

If you would like to see what else is going at GeekGirlCon on Saturday and Sunday, the online schedule is live.  

Saturday, November 16

Creative and Chronic Life 

Time: 3–4pm
Room: Chell
Panelists: Isabela Oliveira, Symantha Reagor, Suzanne Skaar, Rockette Fox, Amanda Cherry, Grace Moore, Angie Jernejcic 

Description: Chronic illnesses can drain strength from not only the body but also from your source of creativity. In this panel, we’ll discuss how we manage our conditions to balance physical/mental health while living our best creative and chronic lives.

Positive and Problematic: The Portrayal of Women in Game of Thrones 

Time: 5:30–6:30pm
Room: Mulan
Panelists: Nicole Tanner, Regina McMenomy, Isabela Oliveira, Demetria Spinrad, Andrew Buckley, Alisha A. Knaff

Description: Game of Thrones has a slew of female characters, but the show created an interesting dichotomy when portraying women. Some weak characters became strong, some strong characters became weak, and some stayed consistent. In this panel we’ll explore where the show succeeded and where it failed, examining the show’s portrayal of women in terms of politics, sexuality, motherhood, relationships with men, and relationships with each other. 
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Listen to our Game of Thrones panel at GeekGirlCon last year.

Sunday, November 17

This Too Shall Pass: Grief and Fandom 

Time: 3–4pm
Room: Chell
Panelists: Nicole Tanner, Marina Martinez, Rian Roberson, Dani, Clara 

Description: We’ve all been there before — your favorite show comes to an end, gets canceled, or kills a beloved character. What do you do with the grief that follows? Join us as we discuss how to cope, how to channel grief into action, and how fandom can help us deal with grief in our own lives.

From X-Men to Firefly: The Importance of Found Families in Pop Culture 

Time: 4:30–5:30pm 
Room: Korra
Panelists: Regina McMenomy, Trish Heinrich, Mary Adner, Raven Oak, Evan J. Peterson, Virginia McClain

Description: Whether your family was a welcoming place or one of great strife, all of us can relate to discovering a found family among the people that are just like us. There are some stunning examples of the found family throughout pop culture that have helped many feel less alone and have led to creating a found family around a fandom. Join us as we discuss these found families in pop culture and how to build your own examples in the content you create. 
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How Do Asexuals Have Sex? 

Time: 5:30– 6:30pm 
Room: Uhura 
Panelists: Isabela Oliveira, Caitlin Foskey, ayom ament

Description: What is the asexuality spectrum? What is it like being asexual and/or aromantic? Do aces have sex? How do these identities fit into the LGBTQ community? This panel of asexuals and aromantics will provide a frank discussion of these lesser-known identities, aro/ace representation in media, and what it’s like to be aro/ace in an allosexual world. 
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Have you ever been to GeekGirlCon? What are you most looking forward to this year?