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The Geek Embassy at GeekGirlCon 2019

GeekGirlCon has always been one of my favorite conventions. This year, it’s moved to a month later to mid-November but a lot of the regular programming is staying the same. As usual, members of The Geek Embassy are on a slew of panels this year too. Take a look through the list below and say… Continue reading The Geek Embassy at GeekGirlCon 2019


Your Fandom Doesn’t Belong To You

The (Fandom) Elephant in the Room Since The Last Jedi debuted in theaters last month, Star Wars fan reactions predictably split right down the middle.  Some fans welcomed the new lore with open arms while others openly despised it.  I fancy myself a fairly reasonable person. (However, I stand firmly against so-called Hawaiian pizza and that's final). … Continue reading Your Fandom Doesn’t Belong To You

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With Respect to Marston

After my last post, people may have the impression that I don’t appreciate Marston-era Wonder Woman, and I want to be sure that is cleared up. I appreciate Marston’s creation. I appreciate the complexity that he gave the character from the moment he created her. A simpler character most likely would not have endured 75… Continue reading With Respect to Marston

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My Halting Transformation into a Wonder Woman Fan

From Academic to Fan The current political climate makes reading classic (i.e. Marston-era) Wonder Woman feel more relevant. To be honest, reading Marston-era Wonder Woman is tough for me. The stories share a formulaic structure and repeat the same themes: Wonder Woman saves America from the Axis of Evil and along the way encounters Steve… Continue reading My Halting Transformation into a Wonder Woman Fan

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Episode 150 – August Hangout

In this month's hangout, we took on the theme of our favorite Geekdoms. What is a geekdom, you say? Well, Rhonda asked the same question and I described it as: Geekdom: A specific subset of a fandom you enjoy about which you have extensive or more than average knowledge. So I enjoy young adult literature… Continue reading Episode 150 – August Hangout

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Episode 99 – Susana Polo from The Mary Sue

Writer and editor Susana Polo from The Mary Sue joins us on the show this week. We have a great conversation about how The Mary Sue came about four years ago, the power of the internet to connect fandoms, and, of course, countless comic book heroes and heroines. In our Gender Sells segment, we talk about Chevy driving, horse… Continue reading Episode 99 – Susana Polo from The Mary Sue