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Daylight Writing #6: LGBTQ Characters

Alright, today’s article is gonna be a special one. You might even say it’s queer. Now, at first you might think that LGBT is some kind of sandwich, like the BLT, but it’s not. LGBT is an initialism standing for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Sometimes its expanded to LGBTQ, and the Q, in this… Continue reading Daylight Writing #6: LGBTQ Characters

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Is that you, Diana?

Wonder Woman isn’t a character. Wonder Woman is a role that different characters take. This complicates discussions and understanding of Wonder Woman because that title doesn’t always refer to daughter of Hippolyte, Diana, Princess of the Amazons. Others have been Wonder Woman, and other Wonder Women exist in the multiverse. Diana Who? At some level,… Continue reading Is that you, Diana?


Upon Another Viewing: Xander Harris 20 Years Later

This is your Buffy the Vampire Spoiler Warning.  Consider yourself warned.  But seriously, it's a 20-year old show; you already know what happens. We here at The Geek Embassy love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  The seminal late-90's horror/drama show was my introduction to dynamic and independent female characters.  BTVS shaped my appreciation for the greater "sci-fi/fantasy"… Continue reading Upon Another Viewing: Xander Harris 20 Years Later

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TGE Ep 18 – Plays: Pathfinder – The Antiquarian and The Wooden Man

Greetings, Fellow Adventurers! On this holiest of geeky holidays, International Tabletop Day, The Geek Embassy welcomes you to follow us on a Pathfinder role-play adventure. Isabela, Mark, Dante and I will take our newly rolled characters on an adventure handcrafted for us by Evan Graham. In today's intro video, we share with you our character… Continue reading TGE Ep 18 – Plays: Pathfinder – The Antiquarian and The Wooden Man

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Good Words – Stereotype, Stock, & Side Characters

Stereotype, Stock, & Side Characters This week, Evan and I take on the ambitious task of discussing three character types the final episode of the Good Words character series: Stereotype, Stock, and Side characters. These character types face critique when they are overused and too heavily relied on by authors. We define each character and discuss… Continue reading Good Words – Stereotype, Stock, & Side Characters

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Good Words – Round/Flat & Static/Dynamic Characters

Round and flat, static and dynamic. What are we talking about here, shapes and textures? Nope! We are discussing characters and how some grow and change (round and dynamic) and some don't (flat and static). It can sound even from this short description like round and dynamic characters are better than flat and static characters.… Continue reading Good Words – Round/Flat & Static/Dynamic Characters

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Good Words: Heroes & Villains

This week on Good Words, Even and I discuss Heroes and Villains. These terms are used quite a bit when discussing literature and stories; we've discussed villains we hate to love and love to hate at great length in a recent hangout. Some examples from this episode include characters from Captain America: Civil War and… Continue reading Good Words: Heroes & Villains

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Good Words: An Introduction

Introducing Good Words I am so excited to announce a super not so secret project I've been working on. New ambassador Evan Graham and I are launching a new series of videos about writing called "Good Words." I'll admit. This is a long time dream of mine to create a video series discussing writing and… Continue reading Good Words: An Introduction

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Why do we love and hate Piper Chapman? #OitNB

As the focal point of the series, Piper Chapman is the viewer’s introduction to prison life in Orange Is the New Black (2013 - ). We experience firsthand her entry into Litchfield and follow her as she acclimates to her new environment. At the onset of the show, Piper serves as a proxy for the… Continue reading Why do we love and hate Piper Chapman? #OitNB

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episode 103 – Top Child Characters: Fantasy Genre

This week, we share our top five child characters from our favorite fantasy books, movies, and TV shows. Listen to hear both our favorites and some of the connections we make to each of these characters. REGINA Arya Stark – Game of Thrones Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter series Charlie – Willy Wonka and the… Continue reading episode 103 – Top Child Characters: Fantasy Genre