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TGE Ep 18 – Plays: Pathfinder – The Antiquarian and The Wooden Man

Greetings, Fellow Adventurers!

On this holiest of geeky holidays, International Tabletop Day, The Geek Embassy welcomes you to follow us on a Pathfinder role-play adventure. Isabela, Mark, Dante and I will take our newly rolled characters on an adventure handcrafted for us by Evan Graham. In today’s intro video, we share with you our character backstories, and a few hints about the story we will be exploring.

This campaign will be a journey in exploration and learning for me. This is my first ever pen and paper role play experience. I’ve wanted to jump into a true role-playing game since I started my dissertation research almost 10 years ago. I noted in one of the texts I used how ironic it was that role players are often disparaged for their “performance” but we pay movie actors huge amounts of money to play scripted characters. It takes so much more imagination and innovation to improvise a character in a setting like this. As you will see just from this introduction, I have a lot to learn. I’m delighted to share my experience with the community here.

I hope you all will join us on our journey and watch and learn along with me. Let’s get this party started!

Geek on!
Regina, Isabela, Mark, Dante, and Evan

The Keeper of the Dead

Seeking shelter from an encroaching storm, our band of adventurers stumbles across the Halfway Inn, deep in the heart of the Vastwood. As they settle in for the night, they make the acquaintance of Ruchior the Antiquarian, and his strange wooden companion Davenport, and they learn of a great danger lurking deep in the wilderness beyond…

Pathfinder Characters

Hargath (Mark)
Human Cleric
Alignment: Neutral Good

Hargath is a reformed murderer/thief. He became a member of Sarenrae’s order after a cleric from the order showed him mercy. At 36, he started his Cleric teachings older than most and his blond hair has begun to grey. Recently he had a falling out with the church he was based out of due to discovering the chief priest there embezzling gold for his own purposes. He now looks to find adventurers that he can travel within the hopes of finding a new church and helping anyone he can along the way. Whether that means healing people, bringing evil-doers to the light or smiting evil that won’t makes little difference to him.

Sevarka Sunseeker (Dante)
Gnome Sorceress
Alignment: Neutral Good

The cheerfully optimistic, orange skinned, green haired gnome called Sevarka Sunseeker describes herself as a professional nomad. Friend to all she comes across, her delightful facade hides a family secret. Generations ago, a dragon assumed gnomish form bedded one of the Sunseeker family progenitors. The eldest born daughter of each Sunseeker generation manifests aspects of the dragon and inherits its magical talents. Sevarka is the first-born daughter of her generation and wanders to discover the origins of her draconic blood and what that means for the legacy of the Sunseeker clan.

Neraden Runka (Regina)
Dwarf Barbarian
Alignment: Neutral Good

Neraaden (Nera like Vera for short) is the middle daughter of a large dwarf family. With 10 siblings, she feels underappreciated and overlooked by her family. She leaves her family with dreams of finding success on the road but encounters disaster almost as soon as she leaves. She persevered as she journeyed farther and farther from home, hoping one day she might return home a celebrated hero.

Freya Redsun (Isabela)
Half-Elf Ranger
Alignment: Neutral Good

Freya is a half-elf that is striking out on her own after clashing with her elfish mother one too many times. She wants to find out who she is without the influence of her family. Freya’s mother was born into a royal elvish family but gave up the luxuries of that life to be with the human man she came to love. Freya carries the weight of her mother’s sacrifice with heavy resentment.

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