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Good Words: An Introduction

Introducing Good Words

I am so excited to announce a super not so secret project I’ve been working on. New ambassador Evan Graham and I are launching a new series of videos about writing called “Good Words.” I’ll admit. This is a long time dream of mine to create a video series discussing writing and I am so pleased to be able to make it a reality with another amazing writer like Evan.

Good Words will delve into all kinds of writing topics, from story driven issues like characters and plots to academic writing like thesis statements and effective arguments. The aim is for each segment to be under 10 minutes but when you get two writers together talking about the thing they love to do above everything else well… We both just have so many good words to share!

We are starting the series with the umbrella topic of characters. What makes a good character? What kinds of characters are there? How do you write a good character? These are just a handful of the questions we will consider in the first part of this series.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback. Have a topic you’d like us to discuss? Let us know in the comments.

See you next time with more Good Words!

Regina & Evan

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