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Crustaceous Corner: The Suicide Shop

IMPORTANT WARNING! The following piece will be a discussion on the novel The Suicide Shop by French author Jean Teulé. With a title like that, there will be references to self-harm and suicide. We'll also briefly go over the plot of the novel, so there will be spoilers. Reader discretion advised. Worst of Times Most post-apocalyptic… Continue reading Crustaceous Corner: The Suicide Shop

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TGE Ep 41 – Reads: Jim Butcher’s “Storm Front”

Welcome to the first episode in our new series, The Geek Embassy Reads! This series is the official book club for the site. We will read a book and then come together to share our thoughts about it. Storm Front For the first installment, we read Storm Front by Jim Butcher. This is the first… Continue reading TGE Ep 41 – Reads: Jim Butcher’s “Storm Front”

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TGE Ep 24 – Favorite Parental Figures

Parental Figures Have All the Fun You love them... most of the time. Some are good, some are bad, some are so good we tear up talking about them. For this hangout, we share our favorite parental figures from TV shows, movies, and books. We combined May and June's hangout into one epic conversation. I… Continue reading TGE Ep 24 – Favorite Parental Figures


Moving When You’re a Nerd

I moved recently.  It sucked.  Moving always sucks. This is my fifth move in 30 months, and I've not stayed in one dwelling for more than ten months at a time during that period.  One would think I've gotten used to the constant packing, moving, unpacking, lather, rinse, repeat cycle of my life.  Truthfully, it's… Continue reading Moving When You’re a Nerd

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GoG Ep 155: Evan Graham and Tantalus Depths

As I hope you all know by now, I recently joined a new community of writers trying to get their books published: Inkshares. I jumped into a contest for the Nerdist for books about video games and found myself in a strange new land surrounded by strange new customs. Every heroine needs a guide as… Continue reading GoG Ep 155: Evan Graham and Tantalus Depths

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Books That Made Me a Reader

As my days fill up with activities and I seem to have less and less time to read recreationally (reading is a big part of my day job), There are certain books that stand out in my long, long list of books I’ve read during my life. They are books that opened my mind to… Continue reading Books That Made Me a Reader

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Update – Mothering: The Game

Greetings, Everyone, It's time for a campaign update! So much has happened with my Inkshares book campaign for Mothering: The Game and the Nerdist contest. We are rapidly reaching the end of the contest run on July 15th at Noon Pacific Time. If you've been waiting to place your pre-order, now is the time! The contest… Continue reading Update – Mothering: The Game

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Episode 148 – Game on Girl LIVE!

Hey Everyone! For our podcast listeners, the new LIVE Hangout we did on Sunday June 14th is now available as a podcast. If you haven't checked out the YouTube video, don't miss it. We've got some great geeky items that we show off, including a preview of a D&D inspired board game. Joining us this… Continue reading Episode 148 – Game on Girl LIVE!

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Episode 143 – Year in Review 2014

It's that time of year again. Mark and Ryan join us to discuss some of our favorite media from 2014. We share music, movies, TV shows, books, games, and a personal wild card. Check out the show and share your favorites in the comments! Books  "A Dirty Job" by Christopher Moore D&D "Player's Handbook", 5th… Continue reading Episode 143 – Year in Review 2014

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Episode 138 – Holiday Playlist

In anticipation of the quickly approaching Holidaze, Rhonda and I invite fearless intern, Isabela, to join us for our holiday playlist episode. Starting an annual tradition, we make suggestions to help pass the time traveling to visit family and friends this year using your favorite electronic device or your favorite old-fashioned device like a paperback… Continue reading Episode 138 – Holiday Playlist