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TGE Ep 19 – Plays: Pathfinder – Flotsam and Jetsam

Episode 2 - Flotsam 7 Jetsam Greetings, Geeks! We continue our role play adventure with the next segment in our Pathfinder campaign. We begin the journey we started in our first episode, after spending the night in the Vagabond's Rest deep in the Vastwood. Our adventurers start on the first leg of their journey after being… Continue reading TGE Ep 19 – Plays: Pathfinder – Flotsam and Jetsam

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Good Words – Stereotype, Stock, & Side Characters

Stereotype, Stock, & Side Characters This week, Evan and I take on the ambitious task of discussing three character types the final episode of the Good Words character series: Stereotype, Stock, and Side characters. These character types face critique when they are overused and too heavily relied on by authors. We define each character and discuss… Continue reading Good Words – Stereotype, Stock, & Side Characters

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Good Words – Round/Flat & Static/Dynamic Characters

Round and flat, static and dynamic. What are we talking about here, shapes and textures? Nope! We are discussing characters and how some grow and change (round and dynamic) and some don't (flat and static). It can sound even from this short description like round and dynamic characters are better than flat and static characters.… Continue reading Good Words – Round/Flat & Static/Dynamic Characters

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Good Words: Antiheroes & Antivillains

Antiheroes and Antivillains. One of these terms I'm sure you've heard before. We've discussed antiheroes many times in the podcasts and hangouts we've recorded over the years. But what about the other term, antivillains? Before this discussion, I had never come across the term "antivillain" before Evan brought it up for this discussion. It's a… Continue reading Good Words: Antiheroes & Antivillains

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Good Words: Heroes & Villains

This week on Good Words, Even and I discuss Heroes and Villains. These terms are used quite a bit when discussing literature and stories; we've discussed villains we hate to love and love to hate at great length in a recent hangout. Some examples from this episode include characters from Captain America: Civil War and… Continue reading Good Words: Heroes & Villains

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Good Words: Protagonist and Antagonist

Good Words Discusses Protagonists and Antagonists As part of our first series on character, Evan and I discuss protagonists and antagonists in this week's episode. I'm sure you've heard these words before; in fact, I am pretty sure I've used them on the show once or twice, or maybe even more. Here we discuss definitions… Continue reading Good Words: Protagonist and Antagonist