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episode 103 – Top Child Characters: Fantasy Genre

This week, we share our top five child characters from our favorite fantasy books, movies, and TV shows. Listen to hear both our favorites and some of the connections we make to each of these characters.



Arya StarkGame of Thrones

Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter series

CharlieWilly Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Meg MurrayA Wrinkle in Time

Alanna of TrebondSong of the Lioness – Tamora Pierce


5. Russell in UP

4. Coraline in Coraline

3. Morgan in Enchanted

2. Hermione in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

1. Alexandria in The Fall


Until next time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda

1 thought on “episode 103 – Top Child Characters: Fantasy Genre”

  1. The Wrinkle in Time series was incredibly influential for me. I did my first book report on it! I'm a little scared to reread them now that I'm older. I always liked Meg and sympathized with her because she went to the ends of the universe to save her little brother.

    Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass) also featured one of my favorite child characters, Lyra. I reread The Golden Compass last year and had the same experience Regina had with A Wrinkle in Time. I'm not in the same place as I was as a kid and the magic faded a little.

    And Rhonda, if you're looking for a YA fantasy, Sabriel by Garth Nix is one of my all time favorites. I've probably reread it half a dozen times and still love it.

    Clementine from The Walking Dead game is tough as nails and I love playing as her in Season 2.

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