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Good Words: Heroes & Villains

This week on Good Words, Even and I discuss Heroes and Villains. These terms are used quite a bit when discussing literature and stories; we’ve discussed villains we hate to love and love to hate at great length in a recent hangout. Some examples from this episode include characters from Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad. Current trends in storytelling call for very complex play with good versus bad.

Our discussion this week delves a little deeper into how to create good heroes and villains. It is so important for well-crafted characters to have an internal consistency that the reader can understand and objectively measure. Does this hero do or say things within character?

It’s also important that villains have enough complexity. Often, villains are dismissed as “bad guys” or characters not worth noting with any depth but truly, it can be a villain that can make or break a story.

Discussing Heroes & Villains

What are some of your favorite heroes? What are some heroic characteristics you appreciate that might be out of the norm? (Not just brave and self sacrificing?)

What are some of your favorite villains? What villains do you have true empathy for and why?

Let us know in the comments!

And join us next week for more Good Words!

Regina & Evan

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