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Fan theories and predictions have been swirling around Game of Thrones ever since the show diverged from the books in Season 5. Here are some of the biggest theories and plot point predictions and whether or not we think they hold any weight. Cersei is not actually pregnant: Likely Cersei is one of the best liars ever conceived. She’ll do anything to get her way, including misleading those around her. And what better way to gain sympathy than pretending to be pregnant? Daenerys is pregnant: Likely If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Game of Thrones, it’s that if something is said repeatedly throughout theRead More →

Recently I got my first chance as a GM running a game of Ten Candles with some friends. Now, this was my first time running a game, so I wanted to start off with something easy. No way was I committing to a multi-session campaign for my first run, so why not play a one-shot? Ten Candles is a dice-rolling co-op tragic horror storytelling game that uses light as one of the game mechanics. Each player makes a character “sheet” in the form of 4 trait note cards: virtue, vice, moment, and brink. Ten d6 dice are prepared for rolling conflicts, where outcomes are unknown.Read More →

Here are a few things you may have missed over the last few weeks! Podcasts From Engaged Family Gaming: The EFG Daily Commute Announcing Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition! A Follow-up on My Thoughts on User-Reviews! The #MomoChallenge is (Mostly) a Hoax But We Can Learn From It Anyway! New Dungeons and Dragons Books for Kids! Microsoft Releasing an Xbox without a Disc Drive? Nintendo LABO VR Kit From Nicole Tanner: Geeky Thrones Girl New Sizzle Reel Footage Episode 35: Oathkeeper Episode 36: First of His Name Episode 37: The Laws of Gods and Men Episode 38: Mockingbird Season 8 Final Trailer Reactions Episode 39: The Mountain and the Viper Episode 40: TheRead More →

Today I forgot my phone at home. So I read the one book that I happened to have with me. Fahrenheit 451. I read the entire thing in a day. Visited old reflections on passages I haven’t thought about in years. And I remembered. The Things It Brought Back I remembered that there once was a time that I thought great and deep thoughts daily. That I was once a person who wrote down her reflections and fought constantly — because I knew that we were worth more than this world that surrounds us. This world that we’ve built out of complacency and the ever-continuousRead More →

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Since the final season of Game of Thrones is quickly approaching, all of the predictions are coming out. The Geek Embassy is no different. Read on for my simple predictions of who will live and who will die by the time the show ends. I’ll elaborate in upcoming stories, so stay tuned! The Starks: Arya — DeadBran — DeadSansa — Alive The Lannisters Cersei — DeadJaime — AliveTyrion — Alive The Targaryens Daenerys — DeadAegon (Jon Snow) — Dead The Greyjoys Euron — DeadTheon — DeadYara — Alive Other Characters Ser Davos — AliveBeric Dondarrion — DeadBrienne of Tarth — AliveBronn — AliveGendry — AliveGillyRead More →

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Welcome to the first episode of TGE Watches in 2019! New year, new format with the same people that you know and love already. Join us as we discuss what they’ve been watching recently. We hit Netflix’s new Carmen Sandiego cartoon, Christmas season sleeper hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the second (and final) season of Marvel’s The Punisher, the highly anticipated second season of Star Trek: Discovery, and more! Like, share, subscribe and do all the social things that tell people we exist! You can find us on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram. Until next time, get your geek on!Dante, Regina, Tahani, Isabela, and Evan Listen to the PodcastRead More →

Here are a few things you may have missed over the last few weeks! Podcasts From Regina McMenomy: Game on Girl on the Go Episode 5 – Do the Gamer Types Get Along? From Engaged Family Gaming: The EFG Daily Commute The Games I Need To Play This Year!  Balancing Relationships, Children, Work, and Content Creation.  My thoughts on the #Nintendo Direct!  Even MORE thoughts on the Nintendo Direct!  Top Two of Toy Fair  Tetris 99 Might Be My Game of the Year  If I ran Square Enix…  From Nicole Tanner: Geeky Thrones Girl Episode 32: Two Swords  Episode 33: The Lion and the Rose  Episode 34: Breaker of ChainsRead More →

Hey, Geeks. Welcome to Your Favorite Thing Sucks, where I get to talk about all the worst parts of your favorite things. And while I’m pretty sure that NO ONE actually considers Electronic Arts their favorite thing, we need to discuss it anyway. Because EA is worse than being your favorite sucky thing. EA actually absorbs your awesome favorite things and then makes them suck when they didn’t before. And that’s getting pretty old. Let’s talk about it. The Things They’ve Ruined EA has absorbed so many unique and interesting game development companies over the years. Studios that focused on deep storylines, interesting characters, expansiveRead More →

It’s February and romance is in the air! For writers, though, the prospect of romance all too often leads to that most tricksy of tasks: penning the dreaded sex scene. Sure, there are writers who have made smutty stories into a craft all their own. They have my respect and my undying envy, because, for the rest of us, we’re all too often left squirming in our chairs, tasked with adding a titillating bit of spice to our tales of action, sci-fi, or fantasy. I was lucky enough to cut my teeth in the supportive bosom of fandom, where there’s a place for everything, fromRead More →