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Game on Girl: S4 E1 – Doug Bass and Flicking Finches

Welcome back!

My apologies it’s been so long since I posted an episode. In the last few months, I’ve started a new job in a completely new field and am adjusting to a new schedule. Thankfully, I think this change will let me start to make content more regularly. Thank you for sticking it out with me!

I had the pleasure to interview Doug Bass from Meridae Games about a new game he’s working on. Flicking Finches is live on Kickstarter and has less than a week left to fund. This dexterity and strategy game has a lot to offer, including some delightful artwork. Check out the episode to hear Doug and I discuss the evolution of board games over the last decade and the process of developing a board game. We had a great time chatting!

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Until next time, game on!