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Daylight Writing #8: Scaling Superpowers

So, going off of last week’s power topic, today, we’re gonna be talking about power scaling. That is, when your characters get an increase in skill and badassery, they have to fight or meet people who can generally match them. Otherwise, well, there’ll be no concern whether or not they’re gonna win the next fight.… Continue reading Daylight Writing #8: Scaling Superpowers

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Daylight Writing #7: Superpowers

So, let’s talk a bit about powers. And for the record, I don’t mean political powers, or Austin Powers, or even horsepower (more on that later). Instead, what I want to talk about is superpowers. We all know the tales of Superman and his amazing/OP set, how Spider-Man can sense danger, how Son Goku can… Continue reading Daylight Writing #7: Superpowers