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TGE Sticky Notes (12/30–1/19)

Here are a few things you may have missed over the last few weeks! Podcasts From Regina McMenomy: Game on Girl on the Go Episode 3 – Role Player Gamer Type From Engaged Family Gaming: The EFG Daily Commute Episode 34: The EFG Video Games of the Year 2018! Our most anticipated video games of 2019! My… Continue reading TGE Sticky Notes (12/30–1/19)

The Geek Embassy Hangs Out 2018
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TGE Ep 64 – The Best of 2018

Most of the staff of TGE gathered a few days ago to chat about our favorites from the year.... We discussed our favorite movies, TV shows, books, games, and wild cards — quite a few wild cards! A sneak preview of a few of the things we discussed: GeekGirlCon 2018 Star Trek Discovery Black Panther The… Continue reading TGE Ep 64 – The Best of 2018

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Your Favorite Thing Sucks: Thanksgiving

Hey, Geeks! Welcome to Your Favorite Thing Sucks, where I get to talk about all the worst parts of your favorite things. It's Thanksgiving! Which is one of those things that everyone claims to love-- until they're actually at the table and realize that this is a variation of Hell that we subject ourselves to… Continue reading Your Favorite Thing Sucks: Thanksgiving

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Tuscon or Bust: Desert Bus for Hope

Mid-November: depending on your location, the temperature's dropping, retail stores are decorating for the holidays, and coffee drinkers are riding out the Gulf. And on a small island off the coast of Canada, a group of comedians is playing a video game for charity. Yes, friends and enemies, it's once again time for Desert Bus for… Continue reading Tuscon or Bust: Desert Bus for Hope

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A Letter to Myself: Identity in Geek Culture

Warning: serious stuff ahead. I'll try to keep it humorous. I was thinking back to the most impactful moments of my nerd life, wondering how things might have changed without them. Various small decisions and influences shaping me into the reasonable facsimile of an adult I am now. What if I'd seen Star Trek before… Continue reading A Letter to Myself: Identity in Geek Culture

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Game on Girl S2E2 – Matisse Fletcher from Living Computers

Greetings, Geeks! Welcome back to season two of Game on Girl! I have an amazing interview this week with Matisse Fletcher from the Living Computers Museum + Labs in Seattle, Washington. Matisse shares with us her journey to becoming an event planner for the museum and talks about what it's like to have a job… Continue reading Game on Girl S2E2 – Matisse Fletcher from Living Computers

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Black Nerds You All Should Know About

We at The Geek Embassy want to acknowledge and celebrate Black History Month.  Black folks have a significant and bright place in United States history that is often overlooked.  However, we're a geek & nerd culture website, so we focus today on the contribution that black people made to nerd spaces! Zora Ball & Kimberly… Continue reading Black Nerds You All Should Know About

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Not a Logical Geek

Please welcome our newest ambassador, Tahani Nelson! For The Geek Embassy, she'll be writing about comics, anime, dungeons and dragons, and fantasy.  Please welcome her to the site and enjoy the glimpse into her future articles! ~Isabela Hi, there. My name’s Tahani Nelson and I’m incredibly excited to be part of things here at Geek… Continue reading Not a Logical Geek


Your Fandom Doesn’t Belong To You

The (Fandom) Elephant in the Room Since The Last Jedi debuted in theaters last month, Star Wars fan reactions predictably split right down the middle.  Some fans welcomed the new lore with open arms while others openly despised it.  I fancy myself a fairly reasonable person. (However, I stand firmly against so-called Hawaiian pizza and that's final). … Continue reading Your Fandom Doesn’t Belong To You