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Not a Logical Geek

Please welcome our newest ambassador, Tahani Nelson! For The Geek Embassy, she'll be writing about comics, anime, dungeons and dragons, and fantasy.  Please welcome her to the site and enjoy the glimpse into her future articles! ~Isabela Hi, there. My name’s Tahani Nelson and I’m incredibly excited to be part of things here at Geek… Continue reading Not a Logical Geek

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Episode 66 – Andy Velasquez from Neverwinter

Want more action in your MMORPG experience? Andy Velasquez, Lead Producer on Neverwinter, the D&D MMORPG from Perfect World and Cryptic Studios, talks with us this week. Andy shares some of the challenges faced by game producers and the many reasons he plays Neverwinter even when he's not at work. Have you tried Neverwinter? It's a… Continue reading Episode 66 – Andy Velasquez from Neverwinter

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Episode 50 – Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter

Tune in this week to hear me and Rhonda discuss our experiences in the Beta for Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter, a new Free-To-Play MMO from Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios. We talk about character classes, graphics, and game play. This is Rhonda's first MMO experience so listen to hear her inital impression. We have… Continue reading Episode 50 – Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter