Hold on to your hats, Sci-Fi lovers! The Geek Embassy is taking on the latest Star Trek series for TGE Watches. Star Trek: Discovery is the latest offering in the Star Trek universe. Airing exclusively on CBS All Access, this series releases every Sunday night. We will meet to discuss the latest in a beloved fandom every two weeks through the mid-season finale in December. Star Trek: Discovery From CBS All Access: Star Trek, one of the most iconic and influential global television franchises, returns 50 years after it first premiered, with Star Trek: Discovery. The series will feature a new ship, new characters and newRead More →


From Academic to Fan The current political climate makes reading classic (i.e. Marston-era) Wonder Woman feel more relevant. To be honest, reading Marston-era Wonder Woman is tough for me. The stories share a formulaic structure and repeat the same themes: Wonder Woman saves America from the Axis of Evil and along the way encounters Steve Trevor so he can remind us that Wonder Woman is beautiful and an object of desire. I feel a much more immediately attached to the Wonder Woman of Azzarello and Chiang’s work and the Wonder Woman of Finch and Finch. Modern Wonder Woman is slicker, more direct, and more complex.Read More →

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A Gigawatt Jukebox Playlist From Rockabilly to Reggae, Movie Scores to Soul, our Gigawatt Jukebox is out of control.  In true geek style, we submit a never-ending playlist that is not concerned with genre, popularity, or album release date.   Who hasn’t dreamt of being a rock star…the power of your music surging energy into a roaring crowd?  With popular singing competition TV shows like The Voice, living the dream can actually happen.   After years of watching others sing their way into stardom, it got us thinking.  What would we do in their shoes?  What kind of voice would we belt if we could?  Which songs wouldRead More →


Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this month’s hangout about our musical autobiographies due to some family issues. However, Regina and I talked a bit and thought it was a good idea for me to share them here in writing. I know it’s not the same as a back and forth discussion, but I guess it’s a little bit of an insight into me. So here we go! What is the earliest main stream song you remember liking? For me, that would probably be a Kiss song. But since they weren’t quite that mainstream of a band, my other option would have to be ABBA. InRead More →

A Gigawatt Jukebox themed playlist From Rockabilly to Reggae, Movie Scores to Soul, our Gigawatt Jukebox is out of control.  In true geek style, we submit a never-ending playlist that is not concerned with genre, popularity, or album release date.   With Summertime Barbecue season in full gear, it is only appropriate to introduce a special edition of the Gigawatt Jukebox.  Imagine instead of your everyday backyard grill-out, you are hosting a tailgate party in your own miniature amphitheater.  It’s simple – just play live concert music rather than standard album cuts using a decent stereo system.   The roaring crowds, clapping, and acoustics will enhance the outdoor experience and spark tripsRead More →

IRL It is a job of convenience, not my dream job. The economy is bad, and I need something steady and tolerable so my husband can go to school and finish his degree. Finding anything remotely uses some of my skills is a bonus so I feel lucky to get the marketing director job at a real estate. Okay. That is a self-appointed title. I’m the only marketing person. In this office, class division is very clear: you’re either an agent or you’re staff. It doesn’t matter if you write the new company database, type letters, or order office supplies, staff is staff. We allRead More →

On or around the tenth of this month it was reported by many gaming news web sites that Adam Orth, who was until April 10th a creative director at Microsoft, had resigned. This is due to some unfortunate statements on Twitter. Let me tell you how I heard about this.  Regina asked me if I had heard about game company executive who got fired. (She had not actually read about it and wasn’t sure on the details.) I asked her if she knew why and she said it had something to do with something that he said on Twitter that had pissed a bunch of people off.  I saidRead More →

Regina McMenomyRegina is the founder and lead ambassador of The Geek Embassy. Studying and writing about geeks and geek culture is Regina’s favorite thing to do when she’s not reading student papers, dancing an excessive amount of calories away, or chasing after her daughter. Inclined towards mobile and social gaming online, Regina also loves a good round of 7 Wonders, Qwirkle, Small World, or Lords of Waterdeep. Someday, she hopes to actually take part in a D&D campaign so she can officially “roll” a character and role play her as a devious, highly intelligent mischief maker, which would be nothing like she is in realRead More →