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Game on Girl S2E2 – Matisse Fletcher from Living Computers

Greetings, Geeks!

Welcome back to season two of Game on Girl! I have an amazing interview this week with Matisse Fletcher from the Living Computers Museum + Labs in Seattle, Washington. Matisse shares with us her journey to becoming an event planner for the museum and talks about what it’s like to have a job that combines a variety of skills in the most unique way. She shares a bit about her process as an event planner and how important it is to create art in living spaces.

Matisse is a published author having written a children’s book about the museum. Ada and the Living Computers is available at the museum or you can email Matisse to get a copy. The museum has a unique mission to empower through preservation and nostalgia. Listen to hear Matisse tell us how that plays out in her event planning fantasies.

About Living Computers

Living Computers: Museum + Labs provides a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience with computer technology from the 1960s to the present. LCM+L honors the history of computing with the world’s largest collection of fully restored — and usable — supercomputers, mainframes, minicomputers, and microcomputers. A new main gallery offers direct experiences with robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, big data, the Internet of Things, video-game making, and digital art.

To Discuss

What was your first fandom? What is your first memory of using gaming or computer technology? Tell us in the comments!

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