Skyline tiny house at Caravan The Tiny House Hotel

Being Enchanted by Tiny Homes

I think I was obsessed with small spaces before I ever saw or learned about tiny homes.

It all started with a small fixation with drawing architecture in early college. I drew a lot back then and drawing buildings and living spaces fascinated me. I started to check out heaps of books from the library – during that time, I came across plenty of books featuring minimalist design. Minimalism lead me to books about micro houses, most of them built in Japan where space can be scarce and building outwards is often not an option.

The people who built these houses didn’t let the lack of space deter them. They built around that challenge. Instead of building out, they would find tiny plots of land, usually between two existing buildings, and build up. They used what they had and made it work. They created multi purpose spaces, made do with less, found ways to make what was small feel spacious without being emotionally cold.

This type of innovation enchanted me, but I didn’t where to go from there. School took up a lot of my time and that interest fell by the wayside.

Until recently. A few years ago, I came across some photos of a tiny home online. I clicked a link and fell in love. And shortly after, dismissed the idea, because really, there was no way people really lived like that!

Still, the idea had already burrowed into my brain and since then, I’ve researched, saved floor plans and ideas, saved up money, and looked up zoning laws…. I’ve visited the tiny house hotel in Portland.

The Caboose tiny house at Caravan The Tiny House Hotel
The Caboose tiny house at Caravan The Tiny House Hotel

The dream is still kind of far away, as ready-built tiny homes are a bit out of my price range and I don’t really have the space, knowledge, or manpower to build one myself. Still, it’s one of those dreams that takes up a lot of space in my head day in and day out. As owning a traditional home or even renting an apartment by myself seems further and further away as housing prices continue to climb, I hope to make my tiny house home a reality someday.

What about you?

Do you have a passion or obsession that has taken root and refused to let you go? What about it keeps drawing you back?

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