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TGE Ep 6 – Summer Movie Podcast – June 2016

Greetings,  Geeks!

Rhonda and I saw two very different movies for June. Rhonda saw Central Intelligence and I saw Free State of Jones. We compare notes about the movies and how we go about choosing movies to see. Central Intelligence is a comedy starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. It is a comedy of errors of sorts where two high school friends reconnect and shenanigans ensue. Free State of Jones is a drama based on real-life events that took place during the United States civil war. It stars Matthew McConaughey as Newton Knight who led a group of rebels to secede from the Confederacy.

This episode I ask the pivotal question: Can you spoil a movie based on true events? Because I talk in detail about the plot of Free state of Jones. Rhonda admits that she is hugely into comedies right now and will likely see everything that might stand a chance to make her laugh. Bad Moms, anyone?

We give some great streaming recommendations for your summer leisure tablet time.

As always, we would love your comments on the show. Have you seen either Central Intelligence or Free State of Jones? Have suggestions for the movies we should see in July? We want to see them all.

Until next time, get your geek on!

Regina & Rhonda

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