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Update – Mothering: The Game

Greetings, Everyone,

It’s time for a campaign update! So much has happened with my Inkshares book campaign for Mothering: The Game and the Nerdist contest. We are rapidly reaching the end of the contest run on July 15th at Noon Pacific Time. If you’ve been waiting to place your pre-order, now is the time! The contest is based on unique readers and, as of this pos,t I am in sixth place and about half way to the light publishing goal for the book. It is so exciting to have readers interested in the book and it’s been great motivation to get on with the writing!

I’ve been on several podcasts in the last few weeks talking about the book and sharing a new chapters I am working on. As I have said in the past, the podcast community is such a supportive group and I’ve found that to be the case with working on this book campaign. Here is where you can find me talking in greater depth about the book and the contest details.

Podcast Coverage for Mothering: The Game

Gaming with the Moms on Pixelkin was truly a blast. I’ve pretty much wanted to be on that show since they launched it.  Nicole and Stephen were great hosts and we have a fantastic discussion about summer break, toddler elbows, games, and of course, the book. Check out the episode here! I heartily laughed at the photo selected for the post. Wanna know why? Check out the episode to see. In addition, Stephen wrote up a fantastic pre-review review on his site, Engaged Family Gaming. I read a new excerpt of the book for the show and Stephen mentions it in his write up. Check that out here.

I’m so excited to share my interview on Dead Pixel Live hosted on the All Games Network. Derrick H. and I had a great live chat. We talked, of course, about the book but also about my journey through my Ph.D. program and getting a degree in what Derrick called, “game-o-nomics.” My segment starts around 28 minutes in but definitely check out the entire show. I even pitch Derrick to get his book idea up on Inkshares and I hope he follows through.

The AllGamesNetwork has been hugely supportive of my book campaign. On the 4th of July I was on Mom’s Minute talking to Derrick’s mom, Ms. H., about parenting, being a new mom, and lessons I’ve learned so far about parenting and book writing. Check out links to both the shows on the cover story on the AllGamesNetwork here.

Blog Posts on Inkshares

As one of the top 10 authors in the Nerdist contest, I have been asked to contribute weekly posts for the site blog. I must say each one has been a challenge in its own right but also incredibly fun to write. The first post was a critical look at how video games have influenced science fiction. This was a bit of a cheat for me because I discussed this very topic in the closing chapter of my dissertation so I already knew what I wanted to say.

The second post asked: What was the first video game whose narrative captured your imagination? How has the introduction of literary elements, like character, setting and plot, improved video gaming? As you can imagine, this topic was right up my alley and definitely the easiest and most natural for me to answer. I took it back in time as far as I could go and discussed the text based Zork: The Underground Empire.

The third post asked us to think outside our own projects and pick our favorite rival project in the contest. This was a really interesting exercise in thinking beyond the hyper focus a crowdfunding campaign can bring. I was so pleased that author Andrew Fantasia of SideScroller was kind enough to list Mothering: The Game as his favorite other work in the contest even though I hold a slight lead above him in the contest.

Please check out all these great sites that have been so willing to help me promote my book. Make sure to head to Inkshares and order a book before July 15th!

Until next time, game on!

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