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Ambassadors Wanted – Apply Now!

Ambassadors Call To Arms!

Are you a highly motivated, engaged geek? Are you looking for a creative outlet for your writing? Have you always wanted to create video or audio content for the web?

The Geek Embassy is recruiting Ambassadors. We are looking for writers and content producers for the website who are dedicated to the Mission Statement and vision of The Geek Embassy:

The Geek Embassy is a dynamic learning community focused on discussions about geek culture. Our ambassadors are individuals with established geeky passions and a willingness to discuss and share their knowledge with aspiring geeks. The Geek Embassy values open dialogue and encourages everyone to embrace their inner geek.

Ambassadors would contribute content to The Geek Embassy twice a month. We are looking for audio (podcast), video, and written content. All Ambassadors will be required to post an introductory article, describing their life experience as a geek and the content areas where they will be writing or producing content. Ambassadors, like the entire staff of The Geek Embassy, are unpaid.

Application Process

Please send an email to with the following items:

  • A short bio: Include at least three topic areas where you would like to create content for the site and your best contact email address.
  • Two short article style posts around 500 words each:
    • A personal piece discussing your passions and geeky areas of interest.
    • An analytical piece where you discuss an area of geek culture where you have some depth of experience. Keep in mind that we are looking for writers who can introduce and contextualize their interests so that our readers and those new to geek culture get a sense of that field.
    • If you are interested in creating web or audio content, please send links to sample content in that area. 
  • If you have previous experience writing or producing web content, send us links!

The Geek Embassy is the definition of a passion project, fueled by the love of geek culture from a handful of people. We would love to add your name to our roster and expand this vision.

So, get your geek on and become an ambassador today!

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