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Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Profile SMHi there! I’m Mark. I want to introduce myself and give you my credentials. In short, what makes me qualified to be an ambassador on the Geek Embassy.

Like most people, my interests are varied and I have several hobbies that I can talk about. Let me walk you through what sort of things you’ll most likely be seeing from me in the future.

My first love growing up was music. The first LP that I ever received was “Destroyer” by Kiss at the tender age of 5. It was in my Easter basket of all things! I still haven’t figured out if this was an incredibly progressive move by my mother or simply questionable parenting (Hi, mom!). From that point forward I was very much into Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. However, I love many different artists across many different genres. Some of my favorites include: ABBA, Alice In Chains, Patsy Cline, The Cure, Duran Duran, and many, many more! Music has been incredibly important to me my entire life and still is now.

fasa_1640_btechcompendiumAfter music came games. And I mean ALL varieties of games. Music may have been my first love, but my love of games has been the most intense. My grandfathers taught me how to play poker when I was around seven. We would bet different family members in jest. (Although my grandpa Cy always seemed to bet grandma Anna first chance he got for some reason.) I got to test arcade games that my Uncle Moe repaired at age of nine or ten. Imagine being able to play Donkey Kong or Galaga for free for hours at time! Just a year or two after that I started playing good ol’ Dungeons & Dragons. After school I moved on to table top miniature games like Battletech. And throughout the span of all of those games, I was playing the standard board and card games we’ve all played. Uno, anyone?

And finally there is cinema and television. The very first movie I actually remember going to see with my mom was Star Wars. After the movie was over she bought my sister Melanie and I each one Star Wars action figure each. I chose Obi-Wan and Melanie chose Princess Leia, of course. My favorite TV shows growing up were M*A*S*H and Looney Toons. To this day one of my mother’s favorite memories is the sound of my laughter while watching Looney Toons.

So I guess what you can expect from me in the future is a lot of articles on games and gaming with perhaps an occasional article on music or motion pictures thrown in. But, in the end, you never know where I could end up…

Oh, and bonus points if you know what the title of this piece is referencing!

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