Happy Halloween, Geeks! Part three of A Strange Occurrence wraps up Mark’s spooky fiction offering. I hope you enjoyed this foray into the depths of Mark’s imagination… that is, if this is truly fiction. Please let us know in the comments if you’d like to see more serialized fiction on the site. ~ Regina Two days passed seemingly without incident. On the evening of the second day, I was lying in bed reading a book. Alex had just gone to take the dogs out for the last time that night. Suddenly, I heard her come crashing through the backdoor down stairs yelling and swearing atRead More →


Missed the beginning? Read part one. It was about a month after first finding the rabbit that things seemed to start escalating. I was in the backyard with the dogs for their 9:30am outing in late July. The morning was unusually cool for that time of year. I was looking at my tomato plants and wondering if they were going to bear much fruit. The summer had been cooler than normal and my plants had not grown very much compared to previous years. I was torn from my thoughts by the sound of Baby Bear, one of the Schipperke mixes, growling at Baron in aRead More →


Greetings, Geeks! This week we bring a new feature to The Geek Embassy: serialized fiction! Mark is sharing a short story with a Lovecraftian aesthetic for your reading pleasure. This story will be shared in three parts and conclude on Halloween. Without further ado, The Geek Embassy presents, Part One of A Strange Occurrence. ~Regina  In hindsight, I should have realized there was more to the strange things occurring in my back yard this last summer. But as we all know strange things happen all the time. Or at least they seem strange on the surface of it, but after a little investigation, we findRead More →

Hype. It’s a word that is thrown around a lot today in general and seems to be used even more in the context of video game releases. Given the frequency with which this word is used it seems like maybe we should know its exact definition.  Let’s go to Google and see what it has to say. The definition of the noun seems relatively neutral. It’s when we look at the verb’s definition that we see an inkling of what might be a negative connotation. Finally, when we get into the examples of usage we see that hype really isn’t a good thing. Hello Games, theRead More →


So for anyone who has been wondering if Metallica was ever going to release another album, there has finally been some good news. Well, better than just news. Metallica released “Hardwired” a few days ago! This is the first track for their upcoming November release “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct.” For anyone concerned that Metallica might have slipped backwards from the progress they made with 2008’s “Death Magnetic” towards the musical stylings of the “Load/Reload” years, Metallica’s new single seems to deliver a vehement “NO.” The song has an intense staccato rhythm and beat that feels like a return to the band’s “Kill ‘Em All” days. In my opinionRead More →


Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this month’s hangout about our musical autobiographies due to some family issues. However, Regina and I talked a bit and thought it was a good idea for me to share them here in writing. I know it’s not the same as a back and forth discussion, but I guess it’s a little bit of an insight into me. So here we go! What is the earliest main stream song you remember liking? For me, that would probably be a Kiss song. But since they weren’t quite that mainstream of a band, my other option would have to be ABBA. InRead More →


On last weeks Google Hangout we talked a little bit about a couple of my hobbies, music and guitar. So I thought I would talk about it a bit. I want to reflect on how my appreciation of music led me to being able to write and play my own music. I have always loved music. When I was a little kid, I couldn’t get enough of Kiss. Obviously a lot of the appeal was the theatrics, but that didn’t mean that the music didn’t speak to me on a fundamental level. And it wasn’t just Kiss. My other favorite band from that time was ABBA. SoRead More →


Hi there! I’m Mark. I want to introduce myself and give you my credentials. In short, what makes me qualified to be an ambassador on the Geek Embassy. Like most people, my interests are varied and I have several hobbies that I can talk about. Let me walk you through what sort of things you’ll most likely be seeing from me in the future. My first love growing up was music. The first LP that I ever received was “Destroyer” by Kiss at the tender age of 5. It was in my Easter basket of all things! I still haven’t figured out if this was an incrediblyRead More →

When I first started writing for Game On Girl back at the end of 2012, I immediately thought of doing an article at the beginning of every year where I looked ahead to the games that had me excited. I, to date, have done that exactly once, at the beginning of 2013. And looking at my choices then, I have to laugh. Only one of those games was released that year. One was released last summer, and the one I was most hyped for still doesn’t have an official release date yet. And now, almost three and half years later, I’m really not interested inRead More →

Recently, I returned to playing Warframe after about a six month hiatus. The impetus for this being that I wanted to see how pretty it would be on the new PC I built. After waiting about 20 minutes for the game to download, I began the install and was surprised when a beta Terms of Service popped up on my screen. I hit “Accept” while thinking, “Shouldn’t this game have been released already?” Beta Product – A pre-release version of a product which serves as the focus of a beta test; typically at or near feature complete, likely includes a number of known and unknown bugs. WarframeRead More →