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Game of Thrones Reunions We Can’t Wait for: Jon and Arya

The final season of Game of Thrones is set to see lots of characters come together who have been separated for a very long time. One of the biggest will be Jon Snow and Arya Stark. These two characters haven’t interacted since the second episode of the show, but from just that one scene, we can see how strong their connection is.


In the one scene where Jon and Arya interact directly with each other, Jon gives Arya her sword, which she names Needle. That sword has been a huge part of Arya’s character throughout the entire series. The sword is stolen from her and she kills a man to get it back. Later, it’s the one thing she refuses to part with when she joins the Faceless Men, hiding it behind a rock rather than tossing it into the sea. The importance of that sword and the fact that Jon gave it to her gives the two characters a connection that may be one of the strongest between any of the characters in the entire show.

Outcasts Together

One of the reasons Arya and Jon have such an affinity for each other is that they’re both odd ducks within the Stark family. Jon, believed to be a bastard, constantly reminds himself that he’s “not a Stark.” Arya isn’t anything like the lady everyone wants her to be. It’s only natural that they would gravitate toward each other to survive a family dynamic that’s uncomfortable for both of them.

While we don’t see Jon talk about Arya, we do see Arya talk about Jon — a lot, especially in the latest season where she fiercely defends him in her conversations with Sansa. In episode 5, after watching the lords complain to Sansa about the fact that Jon had gone to Dragonstone, Arya confronts her.

“They were insulting Jon and you sat there and listened.”

Later, in episode 10, we hear Sansa confirm the connection between Arya and Jon during her conversation with Littlefinger.

“She’s always loved Jon far more than she ever loved me.”

The Reunion

While it’s possible that Arya or Jon might meet their demise before meeting back up, I think it’s unlikely simply because of how powerful that moment would be. I think we may see a replay of the hug they shared at the beginning of the show, but that will depend largely on how Arya feels about Daenerys. She may see Jon’s submission to Daenerys as betrayal of the North. The knowledge that Jon is actually a Targaryen might also throw some water on what could be a very warm reunion. Arya has always been a character who sees the world in a very black and white manner. It will be interesting to see how she deals with all the gray that’s coming her way, and how much her love for Jon will help her overlook some of the things she might not like.

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