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Game of Thrones Reunions We Can’t Wait For: Arya and Gendry

Arya Stark is the character likely to experience the most reunions in the final season of Game of Thrones. She spent most of the show wandering around with one or two companions and then crossed the sea alone. Therefore she’s been detached from most of the plot surrounding the battle for the Iron Throne. One of the characters she spent time with is Gendry.

The Night’s Watch

Arya and Gendry first meet when they both leave King’s Landing and head north with the new recruits of the Night’s Watch. Arya is dressed as a boy in order to disguise her and keep her safe. But when the City Watch of King’s Landing comes looking for someone, Arya freaks out and tells Gendry they’re looking for her. But then, they learn that Gendry is actually the intended target. When Arya asks him why the City Watch is after him, she learns that her father had asked about him before he died.

Gendry then tells Arya that he knows she’s a girl. After her secret has been unveiled Arya confides in him that she’s actually Arya Stark. He reacts by being ashamed he had been saying and doing things in front of a “lady.” Arya tries to explain how she’s not really a lady in terms of behavior but is one in terms of name.

After he realizes Arya’s feelings about being a “lady,” he teases her and she storms off.

The Brotherhood Without Banners

After the Night’s Watch caravan is attacked by Lannister soldiers, the entirety of the recruits is taken prisoner. They’re brought to Harrenhal where Arya falls into the service of Tywin Lannister and Gendry serves as a smith. They have less time to interact once they’re there, but Arya orchestrates their escape thanks to the help of Jaqen H’ghar.

But their freedom doesn’t last long. They’re captured by The Brotherhood Without Banners shortly after their escape. It’s during this captivity that Gendry comes to think the Brotherhood isn’t such a bad group of people and decides to stay with them to help blacksmith. Arya is devastated by this. When Gendry says that the Brotherhood feels like his family. Arya says “I could be your family” through tears. To which Gendry replies, “You wouldn’t be my family. You’d be mi’lady.” Shortly afterward the Brotherhood sells Gendry to Melisandre, parting Arya and Gendry for good.

The Reunion

The reunion between Arya and Gendry should be a fun one. Though Arya has shown no interest in romance throughout the show, there was a strong connection between the two. Arya’s tearful claim about wanting to be Gendry’s family is probably the closest she’s come. But we have to remember that she’s barely 12 when she leaves King’s Landing. She’s a lot older now and romance might be something she could finally care about, despite the hardened killer she’s become. At the end of Season 7, we already see her soften a bit when she and Sansa finally learn to appreciate each other. Regardless of whether romance becomes a possibility, there will be a good amount of emotion between the two because, at the very least, they were really good friends.

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