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Game of Thrones Reunions We Can’t Wait for: Arya and The Hound

While lots of characters will definitely be meeting up in Season 8 of Game of Thrones, there are some who might not make it long enough to see each other. Two of these characters are Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane, better known as The Hound. But a reunion between the two is something I really hope happens. Arya and The Hound spent a bit of Season 3 and all of Season 4 together as he unsuccessfully tried to return her to her family and collect some gold in the process.

Arya’s List

If you’ve watched the show at any point after Season 2, you know that each night Arya recites a list of all the people she plans to kill. The Hound is one of the first people to show up on her list after he kills her friend “the butcher’s boy” at the beginning of Season 1. He stays on that list until Arya travels to Braavos to learn from The Faceless Men. A key moment between Arya and The Hound happens when Arya says his name in his presence.

Unwanted Company

Midway through Season 3, The Hound Captures Arya as she tries to run away from The Brotherhood without Banners, who incidentally were also planning to collect a ransom on her. Interestingly enough, Arya never tries to run away from The Hound. After he tells her that he’s taking her to meet her mother and brother, I think she realizes he’s the best protection she has. It’s in that leg of their journey that Arya makes a bold statement.

Someday I’m going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull.

Unfortunately, The Hound is never able to deliver Arya to her mother because weddings in Game of Thrones are very bad things.

After that, The Hound switches tactics and tries to deliver Arya to her aunt at the Eyrie instead. During that journey, the two tolerate each other’s company and even start to like each other. The Hound teaches her a lot about fighting and killing. She even kills a few men while she’s with him. That tutelage along with what Arya learns in Braavos have turned her into the ruthless killer she is today.

The last time we see Arya and The Hound together she leaves him to die on the side of a hill. But later, when Arya is in Braavos, playing the game of faces, she says that she’s taken him off her list.



Eventually, we see that Arya and The Hound have developed a mutual respect for each other. While in Braavos, Arya had decided to take The Hound off of her list. When Arya returns to Winterfell, she wants to train with Brienne, specifically because she beat The Hound in single combat. In the last episode when Brienne tells The Hound that Arya is still alive and is perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

Brienne: The only one who needs protecting is the one who gets in her way.
The Hound: It won’t be me.

The Reunion

The reunion, if it happens, should be a fun one to watch. By the end of Season 7, it’s not clear whether or not Arya knows The Hound is alive. That knowledge will no doubt come as a bit of surprise to her since she’s the one who left him to die. It will be interesting to see how this meeting might affect her. Throughout Season 7, Arya has shown little if any compassion to anyone. I don’t expect that to change in Season 8 (with the exception of Jon.) I think they’re likely to have an encounter that reflects the mutual admiration they have for each other.

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