“A Christmas Carol” LIVE! with RadioFUBAR

This year, a few of us from Game on Girl are joining in for some old time, festive fun. Along with the hosts from a few other RadioFUBAR shows, and actor Jim McKeny, we are performing “A Christmas Carol” as a LIVE radio play adapted by Anthony E. Palermo. So make sure to tune in Saturday, December 20th at 7pm CST at!


Scrooge: Jim McKeny

Narrator: Jessica Fah (In This Issue)

Marley: Jeremy Fah (In This Issue)
+Guest 3
+Businessman 1

First Spirit: Pete Johnson (The Rue4matt, The Mr. Producer Show)
+Guest 1
+Old Joe

Second Spirit: Matt Ruefer (The Rue4matt, The Mr. Producer Show)
+Businessman 2

Fred: Frank Wolverton (The Mr. Producer Show, Uniformed Opinions)
+Mr. Fezziwig

Bob Cratchet: Skyler Skippy Davison

Mrs. Cratchet: Regina McMenomy (Game On Girl)
+Businessman 3

Belle: Rhonda Oglesby (Game On Girl)
+Guest #2

Martha: Isabela Oliveira (Game on Girl)
+Mrs. Dilber

Belinda: Mary Wolverton (The Mr. Producer Show)

Poole: Shane Harrington (Nerds and Beer)

Lamb: Jeremy Robertson (Nerds and Beer)

Tiny Tim: Evan Santacruz (Nerds and Beer)

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