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Episode 135 – Game on Ghouls

In our first ever Halloween episode, Rhonda and I talk about season 7 of True Blood. I will warn you now – WE SPOIL EVERYTHING. So if you are a fan and haven’t watched, skip to the last part of the episode where we talk about our favorite scary games, TV, movies, and books. My book selection made Rhonda laugh out loud. You should listen just to find out why!

True Blood“, Season 7


Silent Hill, Konami
Dead Space, EA (available for Kindle and Android)
Pandemic, Z-man Games


The Shining
Session 9


American Horror Story
The Walking Dead“, Season 5, Episode 1


The Amityville Horror“, Jay Anson
50 Shades of Grey“, E. L. James


Wonder Woman
Ellen Ripley and the Caterpillar work loader


NC ComicCon, November 15th & 16th, Durham

Horns“, rated R, starring Daniel Radcliffe

Strange Empire“, CBC
Set in 1869 Alberta-Montana border country, ‘Strange Empire’ is a Western whose heroes are women. With most of the men gone, and those who remain battling for control, the women struggle to survive, to find their independence, and to build a life in which to thrive and raise families.

“2 Broke Girls”, CBS
“Mom”, Season 2, CBS
“The McCarthys”, CBS
“Elementary”, CBS
“Grimm”, NBC
“Alpha House”, Amazon
“Web Therapy”, Showtime

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Until next time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda

Every sound I hear, every time the phone rings, every shadow in the corner of my eye, I think it’s Bill. I keep expecting him to come through the door and say, “Sookie.” – True Blood, Season 3, Episode 2, 18:14

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