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Episode 108 – Top Five Female Friendships

This week, our intern, Isabela, joins us to talk about a discussion she recently sparked on the Game on Girl Twitter feed and Facebook page. What are your favorite female friendships in TV, Movies, Books, and Video Games? We got such a great response from our community we decided to do an entire episode about it. We share our favorites and the feedback we got on Twitter and Facebook.

Read the listener feedback on storify.

In Gender Sells, we talk about a Carl’s Junior/Hardee’s ad and a Jello Pudding ad. One made us smile, and one made us furious. Wanna guess which?
We’d love to hear about your favorite female friendships and your thoughts on these commercials in the comments.
Until next time, Game On!
Regina & Rhonda & Isabela

2 thoughts on “Episode 108 – Top Five Female Friendships”

  1. Not sure if this series has made it across the pond yet, but I would definitely include Rachel, Janet & Gill from 'Scott & Bailey'. p.s. Love the show

  2. HI Mike! Thanks for the comment and the recommendation. I haven't heard of "Scott & Bailey" before but I did a Google search and it looks like a show I'd easily love. I will keep an eye out for it!

    Thanks for listening!

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