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Episode 68 – Man Date Monday Invades!


This week we have the honor of having the hosts of Man Date Mondays join us on the show. YouTubers Aaron and Rusty invited us to be on their show a few months ago and we promised to have them on the show to give them the Game on Girl treatment. Listen for a great conversation about building community and friendships through gaming. Make sure to subscribe to their channels and follow them on Twitter @ThaBlackgl0ve and @falken1974.

In our Geeking Out segment, we talk about what we’re watching, reading, and playing right now. We’d love to hear what you’re geeking out about this week in the comments.

Today is my (Regina’s) birthday. In honor of this episode, and some of the discussions we have about harassment in game, I’d like to ask you all to help me with a special birthday wish. If you’re gaming anywhere today and you overhear someone giving another player a bad time about anything, please stand up and say something about it. Truly, we aren’t going to be able to change the almost toxic culture we see in many multi-player game environments until we all start to take a stand. Aaron and Rusty both talk about experiences they’ve had doing just that. If we all start taking a stand, then we really can change and improve the culture we all love so much.

Until next time, game on! And game good!
Regina & Rhonda

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