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Episode 68 – Man Date Monday Invades!

  This week we have the honor of having the hosts of Man Date Mondays join us on the show. YouTubers Aaron and Rusty invited us to be on their show a few months ago and we promised to have them on the show to give them the Game on Girl treatment. Listen for a great conversation about building community and friendships through… Continue reading Episode 68 – Man Date Monday Invades!

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Episode 55 – PAX East Panel!

Long awaited and much anticipated, we proudly present to you, the "What is Your Gamer Type?" panel from a fabulous con. PAX East was a landmark event for Game on Girl for more than one reason but most importantly, perhaps, was the uniting of Regina and Rhonda live and in person for the first time.… Continue reading Episode 55 – PAX East Panel!

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Episode 53 – Female Protagonists

We take on the role of female protagonists in this week's episode, discussing a recent article by Carolyn Petit on Gamespot. In "Fear of a Woman Warrior," Petit writes about how the new Aliens game was almost void of any playable female characters. We discuss the kind of impact missing female avatars might have on the game, especially given… Continue reading Episode 53 – Female Protagonists