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Game of Thrones Season 8: Who Lives? Who Dies?

Since the final season of Game of Thrones is quickly approaching, all of the predictions are coming out. The Geek Embassy is no different. Read on for my simple predictions of who will live and who will die by the time the show ends. I’ll elaborate in upcoming stories, so stay tuned!

The Starks:

Arya — Dead
Bran — Dead
Sansa — Alive

The Lannisters

Cersei — Dead
Jaime — Alive
Tyrion — Alive

The Targaryens

Daenerys — Dead
Aegon (Jon Snow) — Dead

The Greyjoys

Euron — Dead
Theon — Dead
Yara — Alive

Other Characters

Ser Davos — Alive
Beric Dondarrion — Dead
Brienne of Tarth — Alive
Bronn — Alive
Gendry — Alive
Gilly — Alive
Grey Worm — Dead
The Hound — Alive
Melisandre — Dead
Missandei — Alive
Jorah Mormont — Alive
The Mountain — Dead
The Night King — Alive. Well, alive as he can be.
Podrick Payne — Alive
Qyburn — Dead
Samwell Tarly — Alive
Tormund Giantsbane — Dead
Varys — Dead

What Do You Think?

Tell us in the comments below. Look for more stories from me in the weeks leading up to the start of Season 8.