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Since the final season of Game of Thrones is quickly approaching, all of the predictions are coming out. The Geek Embassy is no different. Read on for my simple predictions of who will live and who will die by the time the show ends. I’ll elaborate in upcoming stories, so stay tuned! The Starks: Arya — DeadBran — DeadSansa — Alive The Lannisters Cersei — DeadJaime — AliveTyrion — Alive The Targaryens Daenerys — DeadAegon (Jon Snow) — Dead The Greyjoys Euron — DeadTheon — DeadYara — Alive Other Characters Ser Davos — AliveBeric Dondarrion — DeadBrienne of Tarth — AliveBronn — AliveGendry — AliveGillyRead More →

The last season of Game of Thrones will have lots of surprises, but one thing we know will happen is that Aegon Targaryen — aka Jon Snow — will find out who he really is. How he deals with that revelation is up for debate, but there’s a scene in the last episode of Season 7 that seems to set up what might happen. Before Jon leaves Dragonstone and heads back to Winterfell, he has an emotional conversation with Theon Greyjoy in the Dragonstone throne room. Theon commends Jon on his honesty in King’s Landing before revealing that he always thought he needed to chooseRead More →