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Halloween Corner: The Tell-Tale Heart

Greetings my freaks and geeks, my nefarious nerdlings! It’s that time of year again: spooks and specters and unnecessarily sexy work uniforms will soon be around every corner. So, why not celebrate that a little bit? If you weren’t here last year, we released a special Halloween reading of Lovecraft’s “The Outsider”, and it was so fun the first time, why not go again?

This year, as selected by your ambassadors, The Geek Embassy is proud to present Edgar Allan Poe’s classic: “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that Edgar Allan Poe was my first exposure to classical horror. Writers like Lovecraft, Crichton, and King would find their way later, but Poe was first. The balance of macabre imagery and flowing language stuck fast in my young mind. And, oddly enough, he was the first in helping me understand horror analytically. But that we’ll save for another time.

Happy Halloween, everyone!