The Geek Embassy at Rose City Comic Con 2018!

RCCC panel crowd

The Geek Embassy at Rose City Comic Con 2018!

It’s finally September, which means more The Geek Embassy coverage at Rose City Comic Con!

Last year, we presented our Baskets & Capes panel, but this year, we are free agents with press badges!

Are there any panels you’d like us to cover? Exhibitors and artists we cannot miss or people that we just have to interview? Exclusive merch we shouldn’t miss? Comments are temporarily turned off on our site, but you can still reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

Post panel / last day exhaustion from last year

View our Rose City Comic Con Instagram coverage from last year on slidesome or directly on Instagram!

Isabela Oliveira is a renaissance geek, in the sense that she knows a little about a whole lot of things. She is always looking for the next great TV show to marathon and for the next exciting thing to learn and write about. In her spare time, she writes and manages social media for The Geek Embassy and works to dismantle the patriarchy in Vancouver, Washington.

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