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TGE Ep 59 – Watches: Deadpool 2

Hello and welcome to The Geek Embassy Watches Deadpool 2! Join your host Dante Buccieri and his X-Force sized cast of Evan, Regina, and Tahani on their discussion of the latest irreverent and fourth-wall breaking installment of the Deadpool franchise. We go full-on spoilerific in this episode, so if you haven’t seen Deadpool 2, consider yourself warned. We’ve got fridges and bad jokes for everyone this week, so buckle up and break out the chimichangas.

Deadpool 2

Deadpool, our lovable merc with a mouth, joins the X-Men on a trainee basis and becomes the unwitting and unwilling guardian of Firefist, a young pyrokinetic mutant, as he is relentlessly pursued by the time-traveling cyborg soldier named Cable.

Our Discussion

To be honest, we didn’t think we would have much to say about this continuation of the Deadpool story. It is a pretty straightforward sequel that plays on many of the same jokes we saw on the first one. We talk about the evolution of Deadpool’s character and story and whether or not Vanessa was fridged.

To Discuss

What did you think of Deadpool 2? What about Vanessa’s character arch? The cameos? Let us know in the comments!

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Until next time, get your geek on!

Dante, Regina, Tahani, and Evan

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