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Top 10 Movies of the Decade

It’s no stretch of the imagination to profess that it’s a great time to be a nerd.  The debut of Iron Man in 2008 heralded a veritable explosion of genre movies, both in quantity and quality, and unofficially kicked off a renaissance for sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero fans.  At the close of the 2010s, your… Continue reading Top 10 Movies of the Decade

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TGE Ep 59 – Watches: Deadpool 2

Hello and welcome to The Geek Embassy Watches Deadpool 2! Join your host Dante Buccieri and his X-Force sized cast of Evan, Regina, and Tahani on their discussion of the latest irreverent and fourth-wall breaking installment of the Deadpool franchise. We go full-on spoilerific in this episode, so if you haven’t seen Deadpool 2, consider… Continue reading TGE Ep 59 – Watches: Deadpool 2

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Your Favorite Thing Sucks: Deadpool

Hey, Geeks. Welcome to Your Favorite Things Sucks, where I get to talk about all the worst parts of your favorite things. Deadpool 2 is coming out this week, and we are all flipping our tater tots with excitement. Why wouldn’t we be? The Merc with a Mouth is awesome. Groundbreaking. Amazeballs. Or maybe we’ve… Continue reading Your Favorite Thing Sucks: Deadpool

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Episode 154 – February 2016 LIVE Hangout

Greetings, Geeks! Here is our latest hangout as a podcast episode. We had a great time hanging out and talking about recent movies, and TV shows, and our favorite geek couples. There are some pretty great offerings throughout the show. Let us know what you think in the comments! Keep an eye on this space.… Continue reading Episode 154 – February 2016 LIVE Hangout