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May the 4th Be With You… Nah

Happy Star Wars day, everybody! Throw on your robes and fire up your podracers, today we’re celebrating one of the biggest franchises in geek and pop culture.

Well, maybe you are. I’ve got other priorities this holiday. And to tell you the truth, I’m just not much of a Star Wars fan anymore. No, I’m not turning over my nerd card, quit it.

So here, on this special day for so many people, let me tell you why and how I fell out of love with one of the largest franchises in sci-fi history.

A long time ago…

That’s not to say I hate the franchise. I remember watching The Empire Strikes Back a number of times with my brothers when we were younger. I enjoyed the universe and the conflict and political machinations as well as the shiny laser swords. But as time passed I more or less lost interest. The series is over, I thought at the end of Episode 3. There’s nothing left for me to see, but it was fun while it lasted. All good things come to an end, time to move on.

Then the world was given news of The Force Awakens, and the hype from long-time fans was rekindled. “We’re getting a new Star Wars, I hope it’s amazing!” I’d hear excited chatter in my university classrooms and speculation about how this reboot of the series would pan out. The fan theories, the story guessing, everything and everyone was buzzing like mad for details. And I was there too. Though I will admit I enjoyed the fan theories of Darth Jar Jar.

For me, enough time had passed that I felt ok with putting the series to bed. The minds behind it had finished the epic tales of the Skywalkers, the big damn heroes of the story. Anakin, arguably the center of the six films, was redeemed and gone, his spirit now a part of the force. The arcs were done, and they ended on a solid note for a heroic figure: birth, training, corruption, redemption. The story is finished, the good guys win, roll credits. Now they’re going to bring it back? But it’s already over! Let it die gracefully. Besides, remakes are usually sketchy at the best of times.

Lack of interest in the series and reticence to trust remakes, especially when taken over by a new company, decided it. My vision for the series would end with episode 6.

Star Wars isn’t Bad

Look: I like what I like, and you reading this like what you like. I like watching terrible movies and listening to books, you like Star Wars and, presumably, fuzzy animals. That’s all fine! We all have different tastes in what we enjoy. And that’s not a bad thing.

I loved the Star Wars movies when I watched them, but for me, the hype has long gone dark. I’ve moved on to other things, and so have many others. Just because someone enjoys something doesn’t mean that everyone else has to join in the hype. People change, tastes change, and interests change. You are not everyone, and everyone is not you. The Lucas franchise isn’t bad, it’s just not for me.

You don’t have to hug a Trekkie or high-five a Browncoat this Star Wars day. Just realize nothing is universally accepted or enjoyed.

No matter the fandom, we can all take pleasure in traveling through the stars.

Stay shiny, live long and prosper, and may the force be with you.

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