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E32017 Podcast Round Up

Greetings from the other side of E32017!

I’m relieved to report that I did, in fact, survive my first time attending E3! But barely. The schedule was insane, I walked my feet off, and saw more cool video game demos than I can imagine. Huge thanks to Engaged Family Gaming for letting me tag along. Beyond the con hanging out with such great people made the whole trip worthwhile.

BUT! Hold onto your game controllers! I don’t only have great memories to share (and some deeper thoughts I’ll come back to at a later time!) but we also podcasted each night of the con on Engage: A Family Gaming Podcast. Here are links to all the shows where I joined in the group discussion:

Today we have everyone who was close enough to a microphone talk about E3 so far, mostly to talk about Mario Rabbids. Exciting new contributors that will have content with us soon! Articles and even a mega family friendly article with all of the trailers in it is coming!!!

In this episode our heroes on the west coast discuss Nintendo with more now in real life friends and also the story of how our fearless leader left the one thing he needed back at the west coast save point…

In this episode our heroes on the west coast discuss the stampeded to the Nintendo section to play Mario as half of them gather to tell us all the amazing games they played on the show floor and Stephen even gets the inside joke title of a game when they explain it to him…

At the end of the day on Thursday, we selected our picks for EFG Game of the Show. Check out the article and prepare to be completely surprised by my selection. (Hint: It’s completely out of character for me!)

Keep your eye out for some great video content from E32017 later this week!

Thanks for listening! Until next time, get your geek on!


To Discuss

Did you attend E3? Did you watch the press conferences or preview videos? What game are you most looking forward to coming out?

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