Hey, Geeks. Welcome to Your Favorite Thing Sucks, where I get to point out all the worst parts of your favorite things. Are you paying attention to E3? Because Bethesda has had announcements about Fallout 76, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Doom Eternal, Starfield, Rage 2, Elder Scrolls VI, a mobile Elder Scrolls game, and a DLC for Prey. Can you believe it? That is so much hype! And it is probably going to lead to so much disappointment! Let’s talk about why. Via Giphy Bethesda is Buggy as Hell… Here’s the thing: We all know that Bethesda games are huge. They’re ginormous. And any time you createRead More →


Greetings from the other side of E32017! I’m relieved to report that I did, in fact, survive my first time attending E3! But barely. The schedule was insane, I walked my feet off, and saw more cool video game demos than I can imagine. Huge thanks to Engaged Family Gaming for letting me tag along. Beyond the con hanging out with such great people made the whole trip worthwhile. BUT! Hold onto your game controllers! I don’t only have great memories to share (and some deeper thoughts I’ll come back to at a later time!) but we also podcasted each night of the con onRead More →

Hey Everyone! Here is our latest Google+ Hangout in both audio and video format. You can watch the video or listen to the episode here or on the YouTube page or Podbean feed. Thanks so much to the handful of you who watched the July Hangout live. We had a full house on air and a great time chatting with each other. Unfortunately, I totally lost the notes from the show so I do not have links this time. You’ll just have to watch and listen and let us know what references you need more information about. Our next Hangout is scheduled for Sunday, AugustRead More →

Well it’s that time of year. E3 happened last week. We recorded this episode shortly after some pretty controversial events happened at the Microsoft press conference. Listen to hear us discuss the power of language and how we should all be kinder to each other. Click here to see a transcript and a video of the Microsoft conference. Click here to see the Tweet backlash Anita Sarkeesian suffered. Click here for a discussion about the cat-call and  what sloppy banter says about overall game culture. We would love to hear your thoughts about E3 and these events. Leave us a comment here. Until next time, game on! ReginaRead More →

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This week our short episode takes on the game industry and its marketing tactics. Specifically, Rhonda and I discuss the E3 trailers for these two games: Tomb Raider Crossroads and Far Cry 3. As many of you who have followed the site and my research already know, I am generally very celebratory about game culture. I think that gaming is a wonderful way people can learn about themselves, how to solve problems, and explore their identity. However, I often take issue with how games are marketed. This year’s E3 pressers leave me cold looking at how female characters are displayed and the uneven reactions theseRead More →