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TGE Ep 23 – Plays: Pathfinder – Finding the Path

Finding the Path: Episode 5 of The Keeper of the Dead Saga

Greetings, Geeks!

Finding the path is the next move in our adventurers’ journey. It’s not a clear move forward after running into a giant spider nest but our adventurers persevere. They find new complexities await them at the base of the mountains. Each episode takes them closer to the final dangers they will face. The road is not clear and easy; instead, it is covered with dead and decaying forest but also some more dangerous and sentient creatures.

As the new player to pen and paper role-playing campaigns, I make sure to slow down and ask about the rules at several points in this episode. I realized at one point that we were skimming over some pretty important play mechanics. Since a key component of The Geek Embassy’s mission is to help facilitate learning, I wanted to make sure we covered exactly what was happening during the fighting. And anyway, the fights are the best part of the adventure. Well, that and Evan’s voice characterizations.

Until next time, get your geek on!
Regina & Mark & Isabela, & Dante & Evan

To Discuss

What is your favorite fantasy race to play? Do you pick races that are similar to you in real life or the opposite? Neither?

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