TGE Ep 20 – Plays: Pathfinder – Perils of the Gartooth Swamp


TGE Ep 20 – Plays: Pathfinder – Perils of the Gartooth Swamp

Perils of Gartooth Swamp

And away we go where the perils abound! This week finds our adventurers in the thick of the action. Hargath, Sevarka, Nera, and Freya finally on foot entering the swamp and they run into their first foe.

The excitement builds in this episode as our adventurers begin to understand the depth of the dangers present in the Vastwood. But our party will not be intimidated by the size of the foes they will fight! No! We will press ever onward.

Don’t miss this episode where you can see Nera (Regina) roll terribly but still swing a big ax, watch Sevarka (Dante) joke around, Hargarth (Mark) do some magical serious damage, and Freya (Isabela) aim her bow for the first time. We laugh a lot and hope you will too!

To Discuss

What is your favorite class to play in a role-playing game? Do you play pen and paper or digitally? Never played but want to? Ask us about our experiences!

Watch a playlist the whole series here.

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