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TGE Ep 14 – February 2017 LIVE Hangout: Relationships


Those we love, those we wish for, and those we mourn. For our February hangout, we discuss relationships. We talk about canon couples: those fictional couples who set the bar for love and romantic gestures.

But we’ve talked about those geeky relationship moments before so to spice this up we threw in our favorite doomed couples and our favorite “ships” or relationships we wish for, AKA “fanon.” We’ve got some crazy matches in store for you and some sad couples who either had tragic ends or tragically ended their shows because they ended up together. (Writers: don’t kill the sexual tension! It really ends things!)

My ‘ship couple brought up quite a bit of discussion and some creative ideas. Check it out to see what crazy world we really would like to see come about.

We WRaP the end of the episode with what we are Watching, Reading, and Playing. So much great geeky material to discuss!

Make sure to check out the live video and the podcast episode.

Until next time, get your geek on!

Regina & Isabela & Julie & Dante & Evan

To Discuss

Tell us:  Your favorite couples? Who do you ‘ship? Who is doomed but awesome in your mind?

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